Connecting Your Website to Incomaker's Analytics Wizard

What is Incomaker Analytics?

Incomaker Analytics helps you manage, analyze, and measure your website in order to help you best understand your customers and maximize your return on investment. From which pages they visit most, to which videos they choose to watch, Incomaker Analytics is designed to provide you with specific data related to your users.

Incomaker Analytics is similar to Google Analytics, but it provides a unique advantage by giving you a more detailed view of all of your customers. If you currently use Google Analytics, don’t worry, you can still use Incomaker Analytics at the same time.

Connecting to Incomaker Analytics

You can easily connect your website to Incomaker Analytics. Simply click on Campaigns and then select Start Incomaker Analytics.


If you are using Wordpress, start by downloading our Wordpress plugin. Once the download is complete, visit your website and add the new plugin. This can be done by selecting Plugins, Add New, and then Upload Plugin. Login with your Incomaker account information, and then your analytics will be connected through Incomaker.

You can still use Incomaker Analytics if you are running on a platform other than Wordpress. Begin by copying the Tracking Snippet Code:

Tracking snippets code

Then visit your website and insert the Tracking Snippet Code into an element of your website that is seen on every page. For example, you can put the Tracking Snippet Code into the code of your footer. 

Once you have successfully added your Tracking Snippet Code, select Save Block. Your analytics will now be connected through incomaker.