Inserting Variable Contributions to Social Networks

Incomaker offers alternate contributions to social networks. You can use this feature if you manage a large number of social profiles and you need to add similar content to them, but you also need to be able to modify individual accounts.


A company has several different profiles on social networks for its individual products (e.g. different kinds of instant soups). It announces the spring offer and wants to inform customers using social media. However, it needs the account dedicated to goulash soup to read: Goulash soup - Spring offer! and the chicken soup account to read: Chicken soup - Spring offer!

Incomaker allows you to insert a post with a single click on as many profiles as you need, and then you can edit that post for individual profiles. You can insert shortcuts similar to those used for e-mail and SMS in the post.

Use Social Networking Representatives

When you edit a social networking post, you can expand the Shortcuts panel to see your shortcuts defined by you for posts, such as Product . Representatives can be defined in any quantity.

If you want to use variable social contributions, you need to define the appropriate representatives and their values. This can be done easily using a shortcut in the Networks section .

Social placeholders settings

Click Placeholders for Social Networks.

Social placeholders

Define Shortcuts

The name of the new custom social network field - the name of the shortcut. Appears on the button that adds the text to the text.

Machine name of your own social network field - basically any unique word. It will then be inserted into the posts for the places where the final value is to be replaced. It can be a completely arbitrary expression. We recommend one word in capital letters.

Sort - optional items according to which event. list ranks. Higher number is higher.

After filling in, just press the Add button

Definition of Values

Continue below and select the social profile to which you want to assign a specific value. If there are no social profiles in the list, try looking at this manual.

Select the machine name defined above, let's say PRODUCT.

Enter the required value for this parameter for that account.

You can also delete items with an orange cross on the line.

By clicking on the button of the relevant shortcut, a placeholder is inserted into the text:

Special event! __PRODUCT__

Incomaker will fill in the required content after the insertion into the profiles.

Social placeholders